6 Creative Ways MyNestwell Providers Network

The MyNestwell platform isn’t just about moms connecting with you but also about you connecting with other maternal wellness professionals. That’s where the magic happens. But if you’re like us the idea of traditional “networking” seems way too forced and formal. But it doesn’t have to be! Networking is really just a fancy word for helping people, and we believe that you have to give to get.

Here are 6 ways that you can start to love networking and begin to connect and collaborate with other care providers in your area—or even virtually! 

Co-Host an Event Together

For example, a postpartum doula may want to connect with a lactation consultant for an in-person or virtual workshop that dives deep on what to expect in those early newborn days. 

Mentor Each Other

Perhaps you’re a new birth doula who has admired the work of a more experienced doula and want to reach out for advice. Or a childbirth educator and birth doula may grab coffee together to chat about the latest local hospital policies so that everyone’s clients can have the most up-to-date information.

Be Business Accountability Partners

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. Connect with someone in your field or even in a different field whose work you admire and inquire about setting goals and holding each other accountable to them.

Host a Book Club

Grab a few colleagues, a good read focused on the motherhood journey, and host a monthly book club just for maternal wellness providers as a chance to gather. Or join forces with another colleague to host a joint book club for your clients and followers. 

Create a Program (or E-Guide) Together

Collaborate to co-create a unique and synergistic offering. For example, a perinatal fitness instructor and nutritionist could develop a safe and healthy new nutrition and exercise program or e-guide for pregnant moms. 

Exchange Social Media & Newsletter Takeovers

Get in each other’s inboxes to tap into each other’s networks. Not only does this help the contributing provider gain more visibility from a new audience, it also elevates the original provider as being well-connected and respected in the maternal wellness community. It can also reinforce the collaborative nature of wellness care. For example, an acupuncturist and fertility coach may feature one another on their newsletters with a Q&A on how they can work with each other and the hopeful mom to support her during the fertility journey.

Have you networked with a colleague recently? How did it go? Tell us all about it!

Ready to start networking? Search our directory for providers that may be aligned with you or your philosophy.

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