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Melissa Keras-Donaghy, PT, DPT, WCS

Keras Donaghy Physical Therapy at Full Circle

450 Mamaroneck Avenue, Suite 414, Harrison, New York, 10528

Virtual Appointments In-Person Appointments

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist
Perinatal Fitness Instructor

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist Specialties
Bladder dysfunctionBowel dysfunctionBowel frequency/urgencyBowel IncontinenceC-sectionCoccydyniaConstipationDiastasis rectiEndometriosisEpisiotomyHerniaHysterectomyIncomplete emptyingIncontinenceInterstitial cystitis (IC) (also known as painful bladder syndrome (PBS)Levator ani syndromeNocturiaPain managementPainful intercoursePelvic girdle painPelvic organ prolapsePelvic painPostnatal rehabilitationProstatitisPudendal neuralgiaSexual dysfunctionUrinary frequency/urgency.Urinary retentionVaginismusVBACVulvodynia
Perinatal Fitness Instructor Specialties
AcupressureAromatherapyBreathworkC-section recoveryDepression / anxiety supportDiastasis rectiEnergy supportLower back painMindfulness / meditationPain managementPelvic floor weaknessPilatesPostural alignmentStrength TrainingWrist weakness
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Yes Insurance Accepted
SUNY- Downstate- Physical Therapy ( 1990 )
Simmons University- Boston- Doctorate in Physical Therapy ( 2005 )
Board Certified Women's Health Physical Therapist
Lymphedema treatment certified
American Physical Therapy Association
Academy of Pelvic Physical Therapy
International Pelvic Pain Society
Interstitial Cystitis Association
Lymphedema Association of North America

Meet Melissa

Dr. Keras-Donaghy specializes in all aspects of pelvic floor dysfunction including pelvic pain- treating women, men, adolescents and children- male and female urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence, biofeedback assessment and treatment, post-surgical treatment, pre-natal and post-partum pain and dysfunction, post-mastectomy and breast cancer rehabilitation. She is a Certified Lymphatic Therapist treating all aspects of Lymphedema including upper extremity, trunk and lower extremity lymphedema in men, women and children.

What I Love About My Work

My vision is to increase awareness in my clients and the healthcare and wellness community, of the value and benefits of skilled, individual, holistic physical therapy treatment in maintaining overall wellness, recovering from and preventing injury and/or pain. I provide the highest quality care and evidence-based treatment.

I'm Best Known For

The unique manual therapy treatment I provide and the ability to listen to all they are saying and be able to support them fully in their goals of a natural birth or speedy recovery.

Three Words that Best Describe Me

Intuitive- supportive- kind

My Personal Motto

Learn from yesterday, but live for today and hope for what comes tomorrow

Stages of Motherhood Served

fertility pregnancy postpartum motherhood

Additional experience with


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