#BehindEveryMother with Personal Trainer & the Ever-Glowing (& Expecting!) Lauren Seib

Lauren Seib has an infectious energy that’s both joyful and grounding. A NASM certified personal trainer, postnatal corrective exercise specialist, and Forme Barre instructor, she’s expecting a little girl this fall. And she couldn’t be more excited. We chatted all things conception (she was told at 22 she wouldn’t be able to have kids), her biggest cravings, and most importantlyhow she’s leaned on her incredible village to support her during pregnancy. We’re so excited to share this bright-eyed and beautiful soon-to-be mama with you!

Did you always know you wanted to be a mother?

Yes! My hubby and I have been together 13 years (high school sweethearts from Madison, CT) and starting a family has been a dream of ours for as long as I can remember!

You’re 28 weeks this week! How has pregnancy been for you so far?

I’ve had my fair share of hormone issues over the years so was mentally prepared for the worst…but I honestly have moved my body every day and have been hyper-focused on nourishing my body through wholesome foods, proper hydration and proper rest. The result? Plenty of energy and feeling oh-so strong!

What have you’ve been reading to get you ready for babe?

I’ve been reading/listening to (while driving/walking/running) TONS of pregnancy and mom books. I loved Bringing Up Bebe and currently digging into The Happiest Baby on the Block and Cribsheet. I just also grabbed a copy of The Whole-Brain Child, based on recommendations.

Let’s talk one of your favorite things—movement. How are you staying healthy and strong during pregnancy?

Exercise hasn’t changed as drastically as I had expected, believe it or not! I’ve of course cut out crunches, twists, backbends and any other movements that put too much pressure or strain on the abdominals but I’m still focusing on strengthening from head to toe to make sure I’m keeping myself strong now, for birth and beyond. I’ve committed to listening to my body and pushing and pulling it back depending on how I’m feeling. 

I’m still lifting quite a bit, incorporating barre and yoga into the mix 2+ times a week for lengthening and toning, and walking or jogging a few miles daily. My pre- and postnatal exercise education and client experience has been beyond helpful in preparing and guiding me through this next phase of my life—and will better support my work with others!

What’s your go-to prenatal exercise?  

Eek! This is tough! I’m a huge compound movement lover because they target multiple muscle groups at the same time! Let’s go with a Dumbbell Thruster + Overhead Tricep Extension. 

How to: Hold onto the outer edges of a dumbbell in front of your chest. Drift your weight into your heels and lower your hips into a squat. Use your glute/hamstring strength to push back up! As you do so, lengthen your arms overhead before folding at the elbow joint. Lengthen the arms by engaging your tricep before lowering the weight to its original position before repeating again. I’ve also been doing a ton of TVA breathing exercises!

You’re known for your plant-based lifestyle. What’s been cooking in the kitchen?

I’m eating more frequently and have included more healthy fats and carbs into my diet to keep me energized. Lots of nuts and seeds, avocado and lots of sweet potatoes, fresh fruit and plantain chips. I’m a huge smoothie bowl girl when it comes to breakfast and seriously wouldn’t have been able to get through my first trimester with Truvani.

Any pregnancy cravings?

Anything crunchy and sweet! My goal has been to curb cravings in a healthy manner instead of diving into a box of grocery store cookies.

I’ve made better-for-you options with gluten-free oats, maple syrup, dairy-free chocolate chips, etc. I’ve also been trying to expose my little nugget to gluten and dairy, even though I typically do not include either in my diet. Typically that gets ticked off the list in one meal: pizza Fridays. Oh, and side note: Birch Bender Paleo Pancakes have become a Sunday staple in the Seib household. Topped with banana slices, almond butter and Vermont maple syrup? Done.

Who’s in your village as you prepare for your little one?

I LOVE this question! I am beyond fortunate to have the most supportive husband and family. I’m also blessed to have a bunch of currently preggo and new mama friends that have been my life-force the past 6 months. From “Is this normal?!” texts to registry help, these girls have my back every single day and I’m thrilled to be going through this journey with them by my side. I’m also grateful for my dear friend and MyNestwell member, Michelle Clifford MS, LAc, RDH of Intuitive Wellness, who is a talented acupuncturist in Darien, CT. Michelle helped me exponentially a full year preconception with regulating my period and easing pain. My hormones were all over the place and to make a long story short, I was told at the age of 22 that having a baby may not be an option for me, but working with Michelle led into a seamless fertility journey.

I’ve also been tapping into my gal pal and MyNestwell member Dr. Kat Castro, PT, DPT, PMA-CPT of PhysioElements Greenwich for pelvic floor physical therapy and prenatal prep. My friend Natalie Flood, who holds virtual pelvic rehab classes through Shamana Circle in Bermuda, has been pivotal in strengthening my mind-body connection in preparation for labor and postpartum. I also do not know what I would do without my Forme team. I’m a true believer in our method and have already seen the incredible impact it has had on my prenatal strength.

Last but certainly not least, I’m beyond fortunate to work with daily the strongest mamas I know—my clients! They are a wealth of knowledge, sweeter than pie, and inspire me to keep moving throughout my pregnancy!

Wow! We’re so impressed with all the people you’ve surrounded yourself with during pregnancy! Why was having a village important to you?

I’m a big believer in surrounding yourself with the energy that inspires, uplifts and empowers you. I feel like because of that, I don’t even need to ask the people in my village for help, they’re intuitively there with open hearts and minds already for guidance, support and anything else I may be in search of. A friend of mine recently said, “Your vibe attracts your tribe” and I couldn’t be more in love with that saying!

What advice do you have for women who are curious about getting extra support on their motherhood journey but may be hesitant?

Don’t think about the price tag or for “putting people out.” Most people are flattered when you ask them for advice or support! Being well-equipped can only better support you (mind and body) and growing family.

You’re just a few months away from meeting your little girl. What’s on your mind? 

TThere are so many things I’m excited about! I’m excited to see my husband become a father, my parents become grandparents and my sister to become an aunt. They are all so incredible with kids, it is going to be incredible watching the new dynamic. As a mother, I can’t wait to have a little piece of my heart running around—to see the world through her eyes.

Anything you’re a bit nervous about?

Given my career, I am used to quite a bit of freedom and certainly value self-care time. I have made friends and family promise me that I won’t fully sacrifice those things because of this life change. While I know life will look a whole lot different once Baby S arrives, I do want to make sure I don’t lose myself in the process. I know that sounds selfish, but I love what I do so much and have worked hard to get here! I love being a wife, a daughter, a sister and adore my friends…I don’t want to put my relationships or career on the backburner because of motherhood. Instead, I’m striving for balance and know that my village will keep me honest and support me on all fronts to make that wish come true. 

We love that. What qualities do you hope to embody as a mother?

I want to be patient, consistent, honest, organized, fun, loyal, and loving. I want to embody a fierceness —a passion—to inspire her to go after her dreams.

Anything you wish you would’ve known before embarking on this wild ride? 

Google rabbit holes are not ones you want to go down! 

I spent far too much time searching “Can you [insert verb here] when you’re pregnant?” in the beginning. Read a few books, listen to some podcasts, take notes when you’re at the doctor but overall, listen to your body. I was so scared in the beginning to have a second cup of coffee, to raise my heart rate over 140 BPM, to eat raw veggies (yes, seriously) — but at the end of the day, you and only you know your body best. Follow the guidelines but know there are exceptions. My favorite book to read pre-pregnancy/first trimester: Expecting Better

Google will make you crazy and is filled with contradictions that will make you nutty.


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