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#BehindEveryMother: Stephanie Trzaska of Little Scraps of Magic

In our #BehindEveryMother series, we dispel the myth that we should “do it all” alone, celebrating the village behind every woman and the women who choose to ask for help.

The first time I read Stephanie’s slogan “Childhood is magic. Motherhood should be too,” I knew I had to reach out to her. 

Stephanie Trzaska is a Mindset & Business Mentor. She is also the creator of Little Scraps of Magic, an empowering digital community for mamas who have a desire to unlock their potential and creativity, reclaim their fierce power, and honor their motherhood at the same time.

We had the chance to sit down with Stephanie, who is currently 5 months pregnant and already a mama to 22-month-old Bruce.

We’re honored to share this deeply passionate mother and entrepreneur with you.

How has this pregnancy been compared to your first?

  1. The same and different! Physically, I feel the same; the first trimester was pretty much constant low-grade nausea and fatigue, but nothing too terrible. The differences are now I have a toddler to look after, which doesn’t give me much time to rest. That, and I’m running my own business while taking on most of the childcare as well. Oh yeah, and COVID…. So my midwife appointments are every 8 weeks and I didn’t even get in for my first until after 12 weeks! Much less “hands-on” this time around.

What did you learn in your other pregnancy that you tapped into for this one?

Trusting myself and those around me. I was very relaxed in my first pregnancy and that served me. I really didn’t spend a lot of time Googling or researching. I just trusted that my body and midwives would guide me through the birth experience and that my maternal instincts and village would guide me through early motherhood. Lucky for me, that turned out to be true, so once again, I’m just allowing the process to unfold!

How does being a motherhood coach influence your own approach to mama wellness?

I think listening to my own advice, which is always rooted in honoring your intuition and innate wisdom. Listening to your inner knowing and trusting it to guide you through your journey.

What forms of self-care are you practicing?

Does work count? Haha, but seriously, I love my business, and working feeds me creatively. It gives me time for adult interactions, deep discussions, productive moments, and so much more. It fuels me!

Aside from that, always making time for rest even if that’s at the end of the day. Truly unplugging and allowing myself to go blank, whether that’s reading, watching a movie, or talking with my husband.

Mike and I carve out time to just riff and reflect, rather than always being consumed by talk of plans for the day, week, or month. That’s nourishing.

How has Covid-19 altered your birth preferences?

It hasn’t. I’m using the same hospital and midwives I used with Bruce. I wanted to know what to expect, so going with the same amazing, supportive professionals I had with my last time around was what I knew I wanted again.


  3. Who has been in your village during pregnancy? Think friends, family, professionals.

  4. Our parents, who serve as our part-time childcare. I truly don’t know how we’d get through this without them. My midwives, they’re so caring and generous with their time. My husband – wow – this whole thing has really shown us what a great team we are. He provides so much peace, stability, fun, and strength to our family and brightens every day. A couple of close friends and honestly, the community I have within LSOM have been lifesavers and the best village during this time!
  6. Do you have a postpartum plan you’d like to share – and what does it look like as a mompreneur? Who are you calling on to help you?

  7. Not a firm plan yet… I’m not a huge planner if that hasn’t already come through! I definitely will take 4 weeks totally off from work, but seeing how much happiness my work and community gives me, I will likely open my calendar slowly for weeks 5-12 postpartum. I generally host 2 events per month, and I plan to pick that up 4 weeks after the baby is born, as well as taking on perhaps 2 clients?
  9. Being able to work from my bed at home is a huge gift, so I think I’ll be ready to gently slip back into work relatively quickly. I already integrate work and life in a pretty balanced way, so it feels good to me. I’ll definitely continue to call on my husband to really give Bruce lots of special time, as well as our parents. Mike was great about getting up for all-night feedings with me and doing diaper duty, filling my water bottle, getting me snacks….he always does our cooking, so will certainly have him doing all of that this time around too!  
  11. Any cravings?

  12. For a few weeks, it was greasy fried chicken fast food sandwiches, which is super unlike me! Generally, more citrus, and then my usual faves – Indian, Mexican, Thai… anything bold and spicy!

A pregnant woman and her family dance in their living room

  2. What has being a mother taught you about yourself?

  3. I am a warrior. Mothers are the strongest, fiercest, most inspiring people on this planet. We can do anything.
  5. Why do you love working with moms?

  6. So many reasons. I GET THEM. I am them. I know what it’s like to want the best for your child…to want to parent respectfully and intentionally, and how rewarding, yet how draining that can be. Moms do SO many things. They are freaking rockstars, and they always put themselves last. I love offering the space for moms to be heard, seen, appreciated, and celebrated. I love offering support and seeing how that can transform them and the way they show up for others AND for themselves.
  8. What’s been the biggest challenge for you this pregnancy?

  9. I think not having a little more help with childcare. We typically get 2 days a week from our parents, which is fabulous, but being pregnant, running my business, and trying to keep up with housework is exhausting. I would love the ability to have a part-time Montessori school for Bruce, but with Covid, it’s not worth the risk for us since I am home and working part-time essentially. 

A pregnant mother plays with her son on the living room floor

  2. What fills your cup up these days?

  3. Bruce’s giggle and sweet nature, listening to early jazz, quiet moments with a yummy mocktail or cup of tea, inspiring client calls, creating content for LSOM, evenings by the fire with my husband, and walks in nature with our dogs.
  5. Any resources like books or podcasts you’re loving as you prepare for baby #2?

  6. To be honest, I’m not reading or listening to anything. I did the same with Bruce! My biggest tip is finding PEOPLE. People who hold you and support you and love you. People who bring out your magic and your shine.
  7. Trusting yourself and believing in yourself are the biggest, most transformative things you need to thrive in motherhood. Lean into your own power.
  9. When working with clients, I always recommend listening to Unruffled and reading books by Janet Lansbury if interested in respectful parenting!
  11. Motherhood is one word:

  12. Magic.

Anything else you’d like to share with our community of moms?

First of all, that you’re all so strong and full of power. Own that. Also, surround yourself with women who make you feel alive, happy, and full of possibilities for the future.

Stephanie is a MyNestwell Partner

We’re proud to have Stephanie as a MyNestwell Partner. Be sure to follow along with Stephanie on Instagram at @littlescrapsofmagic.


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