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Fertility Coach

A fertility coach is someone who supports a woman or couple physically, informationally, and emotionally through their journey to becoming parents. They can walk a couple through everything from unassisted conception to assisted reproductive technology like IVF, and even adoption or surrogacy.

When we first learn about the birds and the bees, it seems like getting pregnant is incredibly easy. However, most women come to find that it’s not as effortless as sex ed made it seem! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 10 percent of women in the United States have difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant. During the period of trying and waiting and trying, seeing a fertility coach can be incredibly helpful. Let’s walk through what this coach does (note: no burpee drills!) and how it could be beneficial for you.

Fertility Coach

Types of Support

Physical support

  • Assists in regulating the menstrual cycle
  • Develops an exercise routine
  • Advises on nutrition choices

Emotional / mental support

  • Lowers anxiety and stress caused by infertility
  • Offers a listening ear and empathy

Informational support

  • Provides information on ways your can optimize your body for conception
  • Gives you holistic ways to better your emotional and physical health


Your experience with a fertility coach generally happens during the “trying to conceive” phase of your journey. While a doctor mainly looks at hormone levels and ensures your reproductive organs are healthy, a fertility coach examines from a holistic point of view. 

They’ll help you try to attain a regular cycle—and can even work alongside your doctor. They’ll break down all the medical possibilities for infertility that your doctor has found and help you fill in ways you can optimize your fertility (and sanity) by offering nutrition counseling and an empathetic ear. 

A fertility coach will also help facilitate communication between you and your partner, if you have one. Trying to conceive is a very stressful time and connecting with and supporting each other is key during this time. 


Fertility coaches are a mentor and cheerleader! Many have been through their own struggles, so they can help advise and counsel through everything—from which route to proceed with to getting through the arduous two-week wait.

Additionally, a fertility coach will help you stay on track with a healthy lifestyle plan. This includes nutritionally, an exercise plan, and stress management techniques. 

Fertility Coach FAQsYou’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

Are fertility coaches certified? Is it important?

There are no regulations for fertility coaches in place, so it’s important to determine what you need from a coach. Some coaches are certified nutritionists, some may have a PhD in Chinese medicine, and others may hold an online certification from a fertility website.

When can I start seeing a fertility coach?

You can start seeing a fertility coach at any time. While it’s common for doctors to recommend parents trying to wait one year until taking fertility measures, seeing a fertility coach can happen whenever you decide you need support. They can even help you decide when to get further testing from a reproductive endocrinologist.

How does therapy and seeing a fertility coach differ?

While therapy tends to focus on the past, fertility coaching focuses on the present and future. Fertility coaches encourage clients to not focus too much on the past and instead, look to the future and feel empowered!

How long do I see a fertility coach?

Most couples see fertility coaches for a minimum of three months. The packages generally include one-on-one calls or in-person meetings as well as access to the coach throughout the period of time.

How much does a fertility coach cost?

The cost of a fertility coach varies greatly. Appointments can cost anywhere from $250 per visit to $10000 for a full package. As you begin looking, don’t hesitate to ask about costs and if they offer a sliding scale. Unfortunately, fertility coaches are often not covered by insurance, but it’s always a good idea to check with your provider.

Can men see a fertility coach?

Men can absolutely see a fertility coach. Not only can women’s fertility health improve from seeing one, men’s can too! Integrative fertility coach, Elizabeth Bechard, RYT, NBC-HWC says, Research shows that only one-third of infertility cases are the result of female-only factors. Another one-third of cases are the result of male-only factors and one-third are the result of factors from both parties. So two-thirds of the time, fertility challenges involve some issue with sperm!”

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