7 Things to Keepsake Your First Year of Motherhood, According to the MyNestwell Community

first year of motherhood

You’ve welcomed your little one into this world, and a whole new life is beginning to take shape. The first year is a wild and wonderful journey. From navigating your new normal of sleeping, lactation or feeding times, and so on, it’s a year filled with precious moments of smiles, laughter, tears, and of your baby taking up space in your world. The first year of motherhood is a lot of firsts and memories that you don’t want to forget. 

So, how can you savor every possible moment? 

We tapped our MyNestwell community of Providers and MyNestwell Mamas to see what they recommend to keepsake in that first year of motherhood. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Invest in a newborn photography session.

Helen M., MyNestwell Mama of 1

“I’m really happy I did a newborn session even though I felt really crappy! Outside of that, I didn’t feel picture-worthy most of the time but I wish I had let the hubby take more of me and Olivia!”

Casey A., MyNestwell Mama of 2

“The one thing we did that made me really happy was to splurge not just on newborn pictures but on 6-month and one year pictures, too! The professional photos are the most precious things in the world to me. They definitely ‘gloss over’ the pain and hardship of the first year and leave only the best memories.”

2. Journal about it.

Casey A., MyNestwell Mama of 2

“I wish I kept a journal. Even if it was just like ‘day 15-Nick slept 5 straight hours and it was amazing’ or ‘day 7-Nick was up all night and I wanted to die.’ Because the second time around, I kept thinking, ‘what was going on this time last time?’”

3. Capture the 6-month mark with a motherhood photography session.

Emily Watson, Founder of MyNestwell and Mom to Esme

“We didn’t manage a newborn session in the craziness of recovering after a c-section, but I’m so happy to have invested in a motherhood session when Esme was 6 months old. The postpartum fog was starting to lift and I was feeling so much more confident in my new role. Little E was starting to engage with us and the rest of the world.”

4. Don’t be shy about taking your own photos.

Ashley Rizzo, Pediatric Sleep Consultant at Well Rested Baby and MyNestwell Mama of 2 Sets of Twins

“With four kids and all that comes with them, our house is full enough! I’m grateful for all the pictures we took during our NICU days. There was so much love for those little ones. They’re a nice reminder of how far we’ve come and that we can in fact, do hard things.” 

Helen M., MyNestwell Mama of 1

“I took pictures at each doctor’s appointments as a simple way to document growth. We also took Olivia’s footprint and handprint while she was still in that sleepy newborn phase.”

5. Don’t forget the videos to capture those cute and not-so-cute moments!

Emily Watson, Founder of MyNestwell and Mom to Esme

“My older sister advised me to take a video of E nursing when she was about 4 months old because she said I would miss the little coos and her tiny gulps. I didn’t believe her but it’s true, you do! I’m able to look back at that video whenever I’m feeling sentimental or nostalgic for the simple and tender moments and the unique mother-baby bond we shared.”

Jenny W., MyNestwell Mama of 2

“Take a video of the babies crying! I know we always want picture-perfect but their cry faces and their actual cries are so amazing to look back on.”

6. Cherish that onesie she wore ALL the time. 

Jess P., MyNestwell Mama of 3

“I saved the first outfit I ever bought for Gemma when I was pregnant with her. I save outfits that I actually hate but Gemma loved, and insisted on wearing as much as she could. I saved them because SHE loved them.”

Ashley Rizzo, Pediatric Sleep Consultant at Well Rested Baby and MyNestwell Mama of 2 Sets of Twins

“I kept the jammies the twins came home in. They now use them to dress up their dolls as a reminder to how tiny they once were!”

7. Why not go digital?

Megan B., MyNestwell Mama of 1-Month Old

“I set up an email address for Millie. I’ve been the only one to use it so far, but theoretically dad, the grandparents whoever could send little notes and memories whenever. I sent one recently about her turning two, cherishing the last weeks of her being our only child, and looking forward to her growing into her big sis role.”

Hilary Baxendale, Childbirth Educator at Westchester Birth and Parenting

“I used an app called Chatbooks to compile a bunch of pictures taken from Facebook and Instagram from the first year. It also includes the captions. It’s basically a baby book for lazy parents like me!”

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to cherishing these special moments in your first year of motherhood. Do what feels right, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and most importantly, have fun soaking up as much of those memories in your first year of motherhood as possible!

Ready to make those memories? Head to our Directory to find photographers and more to keepsake your first year with your baby.

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