Our Story

I founded MyNestwell because I wanted an easier way to give busy, modern mamas access to the care and support they need. After all, you hold up a lot people in your life as a mama. It’s time someone holds you up.

Emily Watson, founder of MyNestwell

I was a hopeful mama in search of a support team to help me get through some of the emotional, mental, and physical challenges of infertility — and then again in pregnancy. But I didn’t know where to turn. I needed one platform that I could go to for trusted providers who specialized in the unique aspects of mama wellness. After spending countless evenings scouring the internet and reaching out to other mamas and mamas-to-be, I realized I wasn’t alone. 

The idea for MyNestwell was born.

What We Believe

We’re a wellness platform that lifts up the modern mama. We’re on a mission to change the paradigm of modern mamahood — to let you know that you don’t have to do everything alone, that there’s a community of unique providers here to support and empower you to your fullest potential on this exciting and fulfilling journey. After all, a happy, healthy mama makes for happy, healthy families.

Our Mission: MyNestwell’s 4 C’s

Even the strongest mamas need a little TLC. MyNestwell gives access to care providers who can support them through the challenging times and celebrate alongside them in the joyful times. As a platform, we seek to normalize the practice of mamas seeking care at every stage of their journey.

We’re cheering on each and every mama out there, whether she’s just beginning to dream of her future family or an experienced mama of three. Because guess what, we’ve been there, too. Our selection of maternal wellness providers offer unique and compassionate care that goes beyond that found in traditional medical settings, complementing these important services. We create our educational materials, blog posts, and events with your mamahood questions, struggles, and triumphs in mind.

We’re reimagining the traditional community that supports and guides mamas along their journey. As couples move away from their families, the traditional neighborhood communities of family, close friends, and neighbors is more difficult to find. MyNestwell serves to recreate the care community for women for easy, convenient access in their local area.

As mamas, we thrive with human connection — it’s what lifts us up. MyNestwell brings together mamas and specialized perinatal providers through our directory, but we also foster connection between mamas and between providers at MyNestwell Events, through social media, and in our Blog stories.