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Congratulations, expecting mama!

For the next 280 days, your body will undergo some momentous changes as it grows and accommodates a tiny human…or humans as the case may be.

The pregnancy period includes everything from the
1st trimester to labor & delivery, which is perhaps the most physically demanding challenge your body will ever go through.

Pregnancy is an immensely exciting time, full of anticipation as you prepare for baby’s arrival. But it also comes with lots of emotional peaks and valleys (thank you, hormones!) in addition to brand new physical sensations.

Your body is incredibly smart and powerful, navigating much of this process with ease. Your job becomes keeping this process running smoothly and your body and baby safe, comfortable, nourished, and calm.


This is a season of leaning into these changes, listening to what your body needs, and curating the right care team to help make this very special time more joyful.

As labor and delivery approach, and that belly gets bigger and more cumbersome, it’s reassuring to have a team assembled who will provide physical, emotional, and mental guidance during the birth process, however the process may unfold.

Growing and delivering a baby into the world is hard work, but surrounding yourself with the right people will enable you to feel healthy, prepared, and empowered.

While we hope that all pregnancies are healthy and go to term, miscarriages and loss can happen. It’s even more important to seek care from a team of experts that can help you process and heal from this heartbreak during this time.

Common Pregnancy Needs


  • Nourishment
  • Rent
  • Strengh
  • Pelvic floor connection
  • Pain and discomfort relief
  • Labor support


  • counseling for anxiety,
  • depression, miscarriage,
  • loss
  • birth coaching
  • coping with past sexual
  • trauma


  • childbirth education
  • labor preparation
  • maternity leave planning
  • meditation & mindfulness
  • practice

Pregnancy Care Team

Birth Doula

As a mother to new mamas, birth doulas support and guide mamas and their partners during the final months of pregnancy and labor, providing relaxation techniques, information, coaching, comfort measures, and massage.

Perinatal Acupuncturist

A practitioner of Chinese medicine, a perinatal acupuncturist uses microneedles placed along specific meridians to help calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety, relieve common physical pregnancy discomforts and symptoms, and prepare the body and baby for labor.

Pelvic Floor Specialist

As a physical therapist versed in pelvic floor health, pelvic floor specialists help women establish a connection with their deep core and pelvic floor prior to labor, addressing low back/ SI joint pain, ergonomics, diastasis recti, urinary leakage, bowel irregularities, pelvic discomfort, and sexual dysfunction.

Perinatal Fitness Instructor

Personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and yoga teachers who specialize in prenatal exercise prioritize mindful exercise and strength building to energize mamas, prepare them for childbirth and postpartum and boost their mood.

Perinatal Masseuse

Perinatal masseuses use bodywork to assist in relieving muscle aches and soreness that are common in pregnancy in addition to calming the nervous system to reduce anxiety.

Perinatal Chiropractor

Perinatal chiropractors use gentle, non-invasive, and effective techniques to treat many musculoskeletal conditions, especially aches and pains related to pregnancy, such as localized lower back, leg, or groin pain; sciatica; and headaches.

Maternal Mental Health Specialist

Licensed counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists can help mamas navigate perinatal anxiety and worry, cope with miscarriage or loss, and heal past sexual trauma that may influence labor and delivery.

Relationship Therapist

Licensed counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists specializing in relationships, can help new mamas and their partners prepare to embrace their new family roles, communicate effectively, and navigate this new phase of their relationship — which can strain many couples — with more clarity.

Motherhood Coach

A motherhood coach can help new mamas anticipate and plan for overwhelm, gain confidence, find harmony in their identity as mama and self, and connect with their deepest intentions.

Life Coach

Especially helpful for career-oriented professionals or those mamas looking to plan for their maternity leave and their return to work postpartum, life coaches help mamas reconcile their professional aspirations with their personal and familial goals.

Childbirth Educator

An incredible resource for teaching mamas-to-be and their partners about the physical, emotional, and mental challenges of the laboring and birthing process so that they can approach it more knowledgeable and empowered.

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