Testimonials, or reviews, are so important in attracting your ideal client. In fact, a 2018 survey by PatientPop revealed that online reviews are #1 in affecting a client’s decision to choose a provider, even over personal recommendations. So how do you generate not just reviews in general, but really amazing ones? It’s really not hard— promise! But we’ve got some tried and true strategies for helping you capture stellar client testimonials.

  1. ASK!

This sounds silly, but it’s often the biggest hurdle to get reviews. It can feel intimidating or salesy, and the last thing you want to do is tarnish a really wonderful relationship with a client. But, believe it or not, most people, especially if they’ve gotten really amazing (i.e. life-changing) service, are more than happy to write a review if they know that it can help you in return. Just be sure to follow the best practices below in how you ask. 


There are better times to ask a client about writing a review than others. For example, after a really relaxing prenatal massage or acupuncture session, you may want to save the request for a follow-up email. The same goes for birth and labor supportreserve your request for a few weeks after your postpartum visit/ follow-up. If your care is typically performed over many sessions, such pelvic floor rehab or counseling services, wait some time until your client has been able to experience some of the benefits so they can speak to them more completely in their testimonial.


Keep your request brief and to the point so clients can spend more time writing a wonderful review for you than listening to or reading your request for one. Whether your request is made in person or in writing (via email), you should aim to include the following 4 things to maximize the chances of your client writing:

#1 | Add a personal touch. Ask them how they’re feeling, how they’re adjusting to life after baby, how they’re sleeping.

#2 | Tell them something positive that you enjoyed about your interactions together. This will jog their memory of the positive effect your service had on them.

#3 | Give clear instructions on how to leave a review on MyNestwell.com. Here’s a
template email for you that you can copy, paste, and make your own!

#4 | Let them know how much this means to you. Reviews like theirs can enable you to connect with and help more clients.

Client testimonials not only boost your reputation and attract more of your ideal client, they can serve as a beautiful reminder of the amazing work you do. If you have any other support or have any other questions about testimonials, visit our FAQs or contact us at hello@mynestwell.com.