The Egg is an incredible resource that explores timely and sometimes taboo topics around the perinatal period and motherhood transition.

We feature everyone from doulas to acupuncturists to everyday women to talk the ups, downs, ins, and outs of the modern woman’s motherhood journey in the context of her modern village. As an editorial branch of MyNestwell, The Egg is a space where readers go behind the scenes with birth workers, wellness experts, first-time through many-time-over moms, physicians and midwives. We dive deep into topics to ignite curiosity, inspire connection, and spark joy. 


What I Wish I Would’ve Known: We focus on the #1 that a woman wishes she would’ve known before embarking on the motherhood journey. We explore why that #1 could’ve helped her to feel more empowered and confident.

Behind Every Woman: We dispel the myth that we should “do it all” alone, celebrating the village behind every woman and the women who choose to ask for help.  

Ask an Expert: We consult our MyNestwell-approved experts on hot topics, FAQs, and not-so-common but important phenomena we encounter on the motherhood journey.

Day in the Life: We lift the veil on the hour-by-hour of maternal wellness specialists, birth workers, and healthcare providers to reveal how they show up and serve each day.

12 Questions: We get cozy with inspiring women from all walks of life to talk career, family, and what modern motherhood looks like today.

Mama Musings: We celebrate the beautiful messiness of motherhood here with thoughts, reflections, and stories. 

Work / Life: This series is exclusive to MyNestwell Provider members. Fellow members share their tips for success in the dynamic motherhood space and how they navigate life as entrepreneurs, mothers, partners, friends, and more.



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