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The Ultimate Working Mom Gift Guide—12 Gifts for the Busy Mama

working mom gift guide

Let’s face it—all mamas are working mamas. It doesn’t matter whether work is out of the house or in the house or somewhere in between, we all know mamas could use a little extra support so that they can show up to their brightest and fullest selves. That’s why we assembled this Working Mom Gift Guide with busy mamas in mind. With the help of boss mama of 2 and motherhood coach extraordinaire Brandy Joy Smith, we’re sharing the best gifts for a friend, family member, or colleague who’s got hustle, spice (and a babe!)…and deserves something extra nice.

working mom gift guide

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1. Co-Working Space Membership

Perfect for mompreneurs who need some good quality focus time with a dash of community and inspiration all in one. A physicial membership offers an escape from home while some virtual memberships offer the opportunity for continuing education events, stimulating discussions on important bix-related topics, and connection with other ambitious professionals. There are co-ed options or women-focused.

Some of our favorites are:
Hud.co: a co-ed wellness-focused co-working space in Westchester, NY
The Everwell: a mostly women’s co-working space in Darien, CT
Hayvn: a co-ed co-working space in Darien, CT

To Buy: $49 – $250/ mo. depending on virtual or in-person memberships

2. Choix Nursing-Friendly & Eco-Conscious Clothes

What’s American-made, eco-friendly, nursing-friendly, and designed by women for women? The chic workwear from Choix. Their designs make mama feel confident, comfortable, and like a total boss while still being super practical. Brandy says, “I love the plain white tee because you can slip it on with your favorite jeans and immediately looked put together. The cut is so incredibly flattering, especially on the postpartum tummy.” And the breathable material? So essential for mamas who are always running on to the next big thing.

To Buy: $60 – $180 Choix

3. Organic Food Basket Subscription

The thought of 1) deciding what’s for dinner 2) shopping for the ingredients and 3) making dinner feels utterly exhausted some days. Enter the meal kit subscription box. It does two of those three tasks for mama so she can spend more time with family…or taking care of herself…when off the clock.  

Brandy shares, “Between the need to cook at home more with Covid, having a newborn, and juggling client work, we’ve tried all of the food subscriptions and found SunBasket was the tastiest. And I love that they work with local farmers to provide organic produce.”

To Buy: Varies, Sunbasket.

4. Baby Notebook Subscription

Before actually having kids, we mamas dream of making cute little baby books that capture all of their milestones. But then, babe arrives and…well, somehow the baby book never gets made. Enter the Baby Notebook App. Through timely notifications, they remind busy mamas to take photos at certain milestones. A few clicks later…voila! She’ll have a beautifully designed hardbound baby book in her hands to celebrate baby’s first year.

To Buy: $49.99 for the premium subscription Baby Notebook App

working mom gift guide

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5. The Fifth Trimester Book

The learning curve is steep for women entering motherhood but even steeper as you transition back to the workplace. That’s why we’re glad author Laura Brody Smith coined a term for it – the Fifth Trimester. A little babe is no longer the only thing that requires all of mama’s attention. From the logistical juggle to emotional push-pull, this book gives working mamas tools to feel more confident making the transition back to work. 

To Buy: $8 Amazon

6. Aromatherapy Diffuser

To switch from mom mode to work mode and back is never easy, but scent can help stimulate focus and bring a sense of calm or clarity, especially when certain essential oil blends are used. There are so many diffusers out there, but this one blends in with decor and gives a welcome mist. Consider which will fit seamless into office or home decor so as not to clutter space. A cluttered space is a cluttered mind!

To Buy: $119 Vitruvi

7. At-Home Spa Package

Gift boxes can be convenient but so generic. It’s rare to love everything in a box. Which is why Brandy adores this gift box. Brandy says, “I love that you can really customize your boxes. The spa box is my go-to for mothers who tend to take care of everyone else in their lives but themselves.” It even includes a faux succulent because we know busy mamas don’t always get around to watering the plants, but still may love a little greenery in their lives!

To Buy: $84 Knack Boxes

8. Affirmation Cards

Mamas spend a lot of time lifting people up in their lives. From their babes, partners, co-workers…so who lifts them up? These cards are a gentle reminder of how strong and amazing they are, whether they are in the bleary-eyed postpartum haze or back to work making things happen. Even as a motherhood coach, Brandy whips these out for a dose of inspiration and strength for herself. “These cards are the perfect reminder to self that you got this and more.”

To Buy: $17.95 Etsy

9. Gift Card for MyNestwell

Give the gift of wellness. A MyNestwell gift card allows them to choose the type of support they need as a working mama whether it’s a session with a career coach, a motherhood coach, or a maternal mental health therapist. Gifting them this wellness gives them permission to invest in their well-being and navigate work-life balance. To inquire about a gift card for that special mama, email ewatson@mynestwell.com.

To Buy: MyNestwell Gift Card

Working Mom Gift Guide

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10. Photo Calendar

Photo calendars are the perfect way of staying on top of tasks while keeping the precious memories near and dear. No need to grab the phone to see a pic of sweet babe…which inevitably leads to a lengthy photo scroll which inevitably leads to and instagram scroll….Yep, we’ve been there. Just look up at this calendar when you miss your loves. We’re fans of these minimal designs from Artifact Uprising. Either gift a calendar for mama to make the calendar herself, or be a super friend and make it for her. Bonus, she can get refill packs for next year!

To Buy: from $25 Artifact Uprising

11. Monthly Tea Subscription

For the mama whose pick-me-up of choice is tea, a subscription is such a fun way to honor her. Or perhaps she likes to sip a cup to wind down from the day. Either way, a subscription gift is a beautiful way to surprise and delight a mama each month. And each time she opens her new box, she’ll think of you and just how much she’s loved. The Teaspot has a number of different options to choose from, from herbal only to organic, so there’s something for every mama out there.

To Buy: $36-$45 The Tea Spot

12. Chic Hot Water Kettle

Speaking of tea…Having some sort of ritual can also help the transition from mom mode to work mode, especially if you’re working from home. Convenient and chic, we love this hot water kettle for delivering perfect hot water for tea (see above!) or pour-over coffee. It can fit in mama’s office or on the kitchen counter without disrupting the ambience or fit seamlessly in mama’s office so as to avoid going into the kitchen and running into babe who will inevitably want mommy).

To Buy: $60 Cosori at Amazon

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